Interview no.157

Today I got into the car for what feels like interview no.157.

I wore the same top, the same skirt, the same shoes- not to mention the same ridiculous ‘I’m-so-happy-and-enthusiastic’ expression on my face. Although, I must add, over the weeks my shoulders have become a little more slumped, my face a little more defeated.

I’ve steadily let my salary expectations drop, like a thermometer being taken for a walk in the Arctic.

Even though my situation is becoming more desperate, I can feel myself getting more and more unmotivated to the point of giving up.

All I wanted to do when I got home was shove a big fat Mars Bar in my mouth.

What gets me the most about the interview I just did was that I actually wanted to do the job. I thought it sounded interesting, it looked like a path to somewhere and it didn’t look like something that was beyond my skill set. Some things I thought I said quite well. I do have good experience and my CV is appropriate for the role. But I frequently get tongue-tied and quickly back myself into a corner.

I just really want this role. Please. Please. Please!!!!


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