Job Interview No.3

Well, here we go again. Job interview no.3…

I’ve spent the evening thinking of my strengths and come up with the usual ‘organised’, ‘motivated’ and ‘detail orientated’ spiel. The only thing is I’ve gone over my cover letter and somehow I’ve written the same paragraph- TWICE!

If they ask me what kind of flower I’d be I’m fucked. Metaphorically, literally, spiritually.

I know what kind of animal I’d be: I’d be a cow. Probably because spending the whole day farting and eating sounds eerily similar to how I spend my time at the moment.

I can already hear in my head what I’m going to get : ‘blah blah how have you conflict management…. implemented change… evaluated activity…strived towards excellence…we as an organisation drive towards change at 80mph without a seatbelt, so we can’t afford to stop for anyone.

Time to iron my god-awful ‘not guilty, Your Honour’ interview suit.









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